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Act For Farmed Animals is a joint campaign run by the NGOs Animal Friends Jogja and Sinergia Animal to improve animal welfare in Indonesia.

We believe a better world for animals is possible if we start educating the public about how animals are treated in food production systems.

battery cages

Could you live in a cage, unable to move, confined so extremely, often among the remains of people who have already died? Surely, you would not survive, but this is how millions of hens in the egg industry are forced to live in Asia.


More than 90% of the hens used in industrial egg production in Southeast Asia spend their entire lives confined in small wire enclosures known as “battery cages”. In these cages, these birds cannot even walk or spread their wings completely.


Each cage confines 5 to 10 animals, and each hen has a space smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper to live. Many do not survive and those who manage to live are often forced to live with the remains of those who died.


Due to this enormous cruelty, battery cages have already been banned throughout the European Union, Bhutan, New Zealand and various American states. Canada has also committed to gradually ending this type of confinement.

cage free.jpg

Cage-free systems

In cage-free systems, chickens live in sheds without outdoor access. This means they do not have the opportunity to go out into an area with grass or dirt.


However, inside the sheds, the hens have enough space to walk and access enriched areas that have nest boxes to lay eggs, areas with straw or sand to forage and perches to climb and roost. 

Free Range Poultry Farm

Free-range and Organic

Hens have access to pastures where they can enjoy the sunlight and spend their time digging the ground, looking for insects and food.

They are fed only with food of vegetable origin and cannot receive antibiotics. The organic system requires that animal feed is produced without the use of pesticides or other chemical products.


We want the end of cages

In cage-free systems, animals can move, and perform most of their natural behaviors, which significantly reduces their suffering.


Our team is fighting against this abuse and asking major food companies to commit to ending this cruelty, by pledging to only source cage-free eggs in their supply chains.

ask McDonald's

to stop this!


McDonald's already has a cage-free commitment for many countries where the company operates. So, why not apply the same standards in Indonesia?

Sign the petition asking McDonald's Indonesia to stop sourcing its eggs from hens confined in cages!

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Act For Farmed Animals is a joint campaign run by the NGOs Animal Friends Jogja and Sinergia Animal to improve animal welfare in Indonesia.